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Pre & Primary Teacher Training Course

PRT stands for Primary Teacher in India. PRT Teachers are trained and qualified to teach primary classes in school, from the base of 1 to 6 classes.

AFTE institution offers courses for teacher training like TGT, PGT, PRT, etc. Our Comprehensive course for Pre and Primary Teacher Training equips you with advanced skills and modern methodologies and teaches new approaches to, upgrade your skills of teaching.

AFTE has successfully taught some students with advanced training courses. AFTE has been working since 1997 as a top-notch teaching faculty with modern approaches.
Website: www.afte.co.in

Our courses offered by AFTEare very advanced and reach the current level of competition that is essential for the training of the candidates for the standard teaching profession.

Here, after provides the option of PRT exam preparation to the candidates for a great start to their pre and primary teaching career. All types of students, experienced and working teachers can pursue the course to enhance their teaching skills.

Key Information

At AFTE, we offer pre and primary teacher training courses and exam preparation with minimum fees.

We provide study material and have our library, we offer full exam preparation at the AFTE premises and enhance the knowledge base of the candidates and their teaching skills by preparing them to teach a variety of learners with varied abilities.

Eligibility and Course Fee

  • The minimum education criteria for enrolling is 10+2 and Graduation.
  • The course can be pursued by both new and experienced teachers.
  • The course fee ranges between Rs 19,600.
  • Easy payment and installment facilities are available.
Levels Eligibility Duration Course Fee
P.R.T 10+2 Proficiency in English 6 months 19,600 INR

Teaching and Learning Modes

  • Courses are available in online/offline mode.
  • Candidates with computer knowledge and an internet connection may opt for an online mode.
  • Course duration months.
  • Candidates can ask their queries in Q &A sessions.

Career Opportunities For PRT Teachers

There is a great opportunity for PRT teachers in the field of educational teaching for pre- and primary teachers. PRT Teachers have ample job offers, like primary school teachers, preschool teachers, and assistant teachers in private schools, and contact-based teachers in govt; schools and permanent teachers at government schools.

Also, they can get work as pre and primary curriculum developers, consultancy for pre and primary schools, teacher coordination, Teaching Core Subjects, Classroom Management, Lesson Planning Student Assessment, Personal Development, Parental Communication, etc. We also provide professionals.

What Is the Difference Between a PRT and a TGT Teacher?

PRT teachers:Teach 1 to 5 classes (Primary Classes), helping the students to build good nature and nurture their initial education from the start. It is also work for the background of all the students with their better future coordination with the parents and teacher.

TGT teachers: Teach 6 to 10 the class (second phase of schooling). It helps students with the difficulty of school time.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is PRT Teacher and the best institution for do?

A. A PRT stands for “Primary Teacher”, and “Elementary Teacher”. Primary teacher teaches 1-5 class kids. They help to build base knowledge for every student in grades 1 to 5

You need to have a diploma in elementary education to become a primary teacher, and the candidate should have a master's degree from any government-recognized institute or university with more than 50% marks. The duration of the course is 2 years. Candidate must know Hindi and English language fluently.

At AFTE, we give complete coaching for PRT and other teaching field. For more information visit to our website: www.afte.co.in & www.afte.in

Q. What are the Characteristics of a Primary Teacher?


  1. Ability to hand or communicate with the people.
  2. Time management with quick adaptation.
  3. Self-control, tolerance, endurance, perseverance, and good behavior.
  4. Must be creative and good nature.
  5. Management skills.
  6. Leadership nature.

Q. What are the requirements for a PRT teacher?

A. You must have graduated from any government-recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks to become a primary education teacher.

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Author: Mr.Pinku Prajapati(Teacher)

Pinku Prajapati, work experience of more than 10 years of teaching,
3 years of experience as a teacher in an AFTE institution.
I hope you all get your diploma in PRT as early as possible.